March April

March and the snow has finally gone and the daffs are growing in the garden, fresh willow is supple and bendy so after harvesting a large amount I set about weaving a few rings for gifting and creating spring wreaths.  As long as you keep these watered the cool temperatures this time of year these can last 2 weeks on the door which is a lovely greeting to who ever comes knocking.20180309_144009With the temperature so low planting seeds was slow in February so March felt like catch up and the seeds came quickly to almost as if they knew they were late and were wanting to grow, the poly tunnel and greenhouses were soon bursting with new life growing, which brings more work of potting on, but lucky me to have my girls to lend a hand Ella loves to do her gardening in style in a frock.


March also saw 5 new girls join our chicken flock these were rescue hen who were destined after a hard life laying eggs to go off to the dog food factory and I am so glad we got the opportunity to give them an alternative life after working so hard.  Easter also came around and the girls were treated to new Easter hens the egg gift that keeps giving.


This time of year is so hopeful things are growing and blooming and we have increased our hellebores stock around the garden as they are so beautiful.


Also my very first crop of daffs came up and I am so happy as the long cold winter we didn’t think anything would come but they pushed up and through and then disaster, a weekend of unusual heat made all the snake heads burst and bloom in a day so I was faced with the urgency of trying to sell them as quickly as I could, it was touch and go but I made a few local contacts and was so proud to sell them all through.

A lot of planting and potting on and new bed was dug things look good so far, I even got our little shop out with some excess flower plugs up for sale, lets hope we can attract some trade so I can buy more seed.

with all the lovely blossom about I had a practice at Ikebana the art of Japanese flower arranging, I love its simplicity paired back to the beauty of nature.  I also made a few jam jar posies filled with the joys of spring.