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Spoiling my customers 19th June 2021
Today Wyken Vineyards Farmers’ Market I wanted to treat my favourite customers who support me regularly with a first picks of the flowers and to be able to have anything they want and style it up in a vase before they went home Kim Seeley Ayling, Sarah Western-née Grundy and Fabulous Bruce, thank you for all your support and was so great having fun with you today xx
Mental health day 15th May 2021
It’s Mental Heath awareness week and this year is about getting closer to nature and the benefits of being outside can bring.
I absolutely love being outside it feeds my soul with energy and gives me space to think and to be able to watch, listen and learn from Mother Nature is a wonderful gift.
This week at Wyken Vineyards Farmers’ Market I have been making and giving out flower crowns to draw awareness to an important cause and spread the word of how amazing getting in touch with nature can benefit your mental health
Some of the very beautiful people wearing flowers today
May 2020 Thank you to my customers
Today I decided to surprise one of my lovely ladies who follows me on Social media. I have been deliberately taking my time building a relationship on social media with you, not doing competitions which only bring in fake likers after a freebie and then don’t support the cause there after. I haven’t asked for page shares but rather relying on the power of word of mouth to sprinkle the magic to other like minded people who share an interest.

101011341_3166027390128258_2925753892656381952_nI want to know that when I post pictures and have a conversation with you that I am talking to people who genuinely love what I do and the response in my page is evidence to that and I get such joy reading your messages.

So instead of running a competition to curry favour for likes, I decided to surprise and spoil someone who has been active on my social space for some time and loves what I do. It was a pleasure to call Tessa and treat her to a big bunch of flowers as a thank you. I have always thought that this is how it should be thanking people who stand by you not trying to impress people who aren’t looking your way. Thank you to all of you so much, I really can’t express my thanks enough for your business, kind words and shares you have done, this has helped me grow and blossom my little business. I think I will do this again ! Helen x



12 July 20 So each month I have decided to say thank you to you guys for supporting me and keeping me and my little business going. This month I have done it a bit earlier than normal as I have a wonderful lady Melanie who has supported me all through the year 107748150_3284806281583701_1027615561502129791_nbuying flowers for all her loved ones and coming to me to arrange them, so this month she was my perfect choice. She placed an order with me for a bqt and I decided to supersize it for her without telling her, guess what she still doesn’t know !well that is unless she sees this post and that makes me giggle. The thing about handing flowers to someone is the eyes and the faced when you hand them over, I get to see this so much and love it, for me it’s a total reward for months in the mud growing and Mels beautiful face just says it all.






Corona virus remembering key workers

10 July 2020 Well this one got a little personnel for me as Ella took a tumble on her bike107711749_3279667385430924_8914510134755859841_n a few weeks back and ended up in A&E where we got to meet a lovely nurse angel Tilly who watched over her with one to one care and was so amazing we couldn’t let her go with out meeting up again and giving her a big thank you bucket of flowers for all her hard work and dedication and care and working so hard in dangerous times with the virus.




May 2020  Making sure key workers that look after our loved ones are getting something special with flower drops


April 2020 Corona virus cheering up the isolated 

Busy morning donating and picking lots of flowers and then out delivering to lots of Harleston town nominations through the Harleston kindness hub from people wanting to cheer up the isolated elderly folk.  Just some of the lovely ladies i met at a distance and gifted flowers to today to brighten up this grey afternoon #justanicething



March 2020 Corona virus surprising the older folk in Broadlands care home

90112070_3001757416555257_983786006022979584_nRandom act of kindness on this grey day, with everyone self isolating, and care homes closing their doors to family visits I thought it might be nice to share my flowers and cheer up some olds in a local care home.  So glad the daffs gave some cheer to the residents of Broadlands care home I think everyone got a bunch ☺️

Environmental Autumn fair