buttonPick your own wedding flowers I offer wedding flowers for couples that want to do their own floral displays. Couples or mums and daughters are welcome to walk the meadow on a pre selected date to view what is growing near the time of the big day they can then choose to either select and cut their choice of flowers foliage and herbs the day before, or request their preference of choice to be picked for them to collect.bqt

All flowers will be seasonal fresh and what is looking best at that time of cutting, ps note however some flowers may have come and gone if viewed weeks in advance of picking, but there is always something lovely growing.

If you are bride that enjoys the natural country style hand ties i am happy to help out  where I can with a bouquet or a button hole.


Elanor Ward

What an incredible place! I chose to get my ‘DIY’ wedding flowers from the lovely Helen at Suffolk Meadow, and I can’t thank her enough for making the experience so special. I spent a glorious morning the day before the wedding picking flowers in the meadow (such a relaxing and calming experience before the big day, highly recommended!) and camejam jars away with gorgeous bouquets, button holes and table decorations – they were honestly better than anything I could have imagined. Helen was so knowledgeable, and provided just the right level of assistance – letting me create, and stepping in with advice and suggestions when needed.

If you know me, you know I’m a little imperfect and a bit rough around the edges, which is why I always knew I never charliewanted a ‘perfect bouquet’.  Roses and Peonies are beautiful of course, but there’s undeniable magic to be found in the unruly mess of wildflowers.  I will forever cherish this beautiful morning spent with my mum and Helen from @suffolkmeadowflowers. She arranged for us to come to her meadow and pick my bouquet ourselves as well as button holes for my guys and jam jars.  After a whirlwind 9 weeks planning a last minute wedding, it was a moment of quietness I really needed. Oh, and Helen is probably one of the coolest women I’ve ever met – carefree, spirited and a little wild just like her flowers – the kind of woman we all want to be friends with.
Thank you Helen for your kindness and the heartfelt conversation we had, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Can’t wait to see you again soon x


Thanks Helen, we had an amazing day, everyone commented on the flower crown lucy and am glad I didn’t chicken out wearing it in the end!  We also had such a lovely time Friday picking and making 🤩 Lucy Feavearyear


I have 2 milk churns which if you need props for your wedding flowers am happy to hire out.