May June

bed creating

June was full of hard work in heat where I created 5 very large new beds for flowers and herbs being my first year it is double hard work, construction and development as well as raising flowers, it is amazing what you can do if you turn your mind to it.

peonieshelp the school

June saw the beautiful and fleeting peonies bloom as well as many other lovelies popping up all over the meadow.  My tunnel was a hive of activity with bits growing on ready to expand further for the following year. I also spent time up at the local school weeding, digging over and added mulch to the beds for the gardening club.

bunches With all the beautiful blooms available I was spoilt for choice when making bouquets.  working so close with nature you start to notice all the little things and while deadheading I discovered a bumble bee sitting on top of a flower and it was still, thinking it was asleep or drunk on nectar I left it and returned 40 mins later to discover it was still there, so I picked it up and found that it had a wing virus and could not fly it looked very slow and close to death, so I placed it on some flowers that many bees where flying around and it scrambled all over the flowers feeding and then returned to my hand and crawled up my shoulder and sat on my chest and fell asleep. Sophie and I made the bee a flower nest bed and it spent a week living with us and we would take it to the flowers to feed and it always returned to sit on our shoulders and chest quite content and if we put it in its bed it would immediately would crawl out and return to our hand to climb aboard again, I even had to take the bee to do the weekly shopping and she sat perfectly still like a little broach on my chest, sadly after a week she grew slow again and final passed, she was a wonder to us and a great natural experience to have.


It is amazing with so much work I feel everything is crazy out of control as mother nature does not stop and the meadow is blooming all over with roses, nigella, zinnias well the list goes on and on


It has been a funny year a baptism of fire a very long cold winter with loads of snow followed by extreme heat too hot to work in meaning that as soon as it gets cool I am either working till 10:30pm at night or up at 4am to do what i can in the meadow, there is nothing nicer than working your way back up to the house by the smell of night fragrant flowers.

hot flowers20180625_221849

I have been so happy in the meadow but it was important for me to complete the circle and find customers for all this beauty so I was over the moon to supply a local upmarket restaurant with flower arrangements here are a few I have made over the time.