January February


January and February most sensible people are tucked up inside in front of their fires,   for me this time was spent outside every day getting ready to start a new chapter and journey in my life.  Now my youngest has gone to school and I have time to focus on doing something I enjoy very much, raising flowers.

Winter brings a short breath of space to do some of the building jobs that you never get time to do during the summer months, one of those building jobs was putting together a greenhouse we were fortunate to have been given and although it was a little twisted in places and needed a clean I was very happy to give it a home.

This year I wanted to try something new with the beds as we have many beds that all need constant attention from weeds and not wanting to put plastic all over the garden as there is a massive no plastic movement I am trialling a more natural way to mulch my beds and supress weeds as well as condition the soil over time with wood chips and I have been lucky to make friends with my local tree surgeon who is happy to supply me with all the good chips that are flower friendly that I need.  However I wonder if I need a gym membership as having to move 4 truck loads in a 90 litres wheelbarrow across an acre may make you think that its good exercise but I sure am hungry when I am done.

raised bed.jpg

Another build job my wonderful hubby completed for me was building a long raised bed for the poly tunnel.  Starting a business is tough especially when you have no money so the clever old thing gathered all the scraps of fence panels and built it from them and I love that it is Heath Robinson and cant wait to fill it with sweet peas.

Living in the East of England is rather surprising with the weather there have been a number of days that the tunnel has hit over 20 degrees and at its peak in February it hit 29 degrees which is wonderful to sit in with the doors open doing all those endless potting on jobs.  It did not last long as a beast from the east arrived on England from Siberia bringing 20cm of snow and a -6 degrees, this didn’t stop activity in the garden as the tunnel was brushed free of snow and made a great place once again to shelter and plant inside.

Feb snow


flower school.jpg

So with all these plans to grow flowers there is the question of what to do with them so I enrolled onto a college course to learn floristry which was good fun learning some basics but it really helped me understand what type of floristry I like and I would definitely say I would like to explore the more loose and free vintage style of floristry rather than your traditional floristry you get on the high street. However you cant really go wrong with such a beautiful subject.