My Meadow

20180422_072058Hello my name is Helen, I have been growing cut flowers for a few years now it started for personal use but as we moved to a new property with a meadow it was the next step for me to grow and share beautiful flowers with people who appreciate the English garden look and enjoy waiting for truly seasonal and scented fresh cut blooms.

My meadow is situated on the Suffolk and Norfolk boarder in the heart of the Waveney valley near the quaint town of Harleston.  The growing season is between March to October, although work is carried out all year round.

DSC00746When buying our property we were lucky to have bought a garden and meadow that had not been landscaped and was virgin green grass and a lot of thistles untouched and unloved.  The perfect place to set about plans for growing and raising flowers.

I use about a third of my acre so far to grow flowers but am fast expanding into the rest. I have 3 gardens and are split into the formal gardens grows mostly perennials, spring and summer bulbs and the Meadow is where most of the hard work takes place and I have laid this out into a French Potager style ready to grow seasonal high quality fresh cut flowers from annuals, bi annuals, herbs and bulbs.

I provide mixed seasonal flowers direct from the meadow to local people who enjoy gifting bunches that are fresh pick in the free and easy garden collected look.  I can also be found at a number of Farmers markets and events in the area where I have a create your own flower bar, and a place where you can buy your own cut flower plants. I also provide weekly subscriptions to local businesses, plant and bulb sales to those who want to create their own cutting garden when available.

My Responsibility to the environment

I do not use plastic to wrap my flowers in, can you imagine the amount of bunches I sell in a year and how much plastic I would be responsible for put out into the environment all which would still be around long after we are all dead just for a bunch of flowers, all my flowers are wrapped in paper.

I will never ever use floral foam to create arrangements, again another awful product that does not break down causing harm to the environment and marine life as it makes its way into our water systems. All my work is done the old fashion way using vases, chicken wire or sustainable moss.

I do not use pesticides on my flowers killing everything in its way, instead I make my own garden teas and rely on Mother Nature to balance things out, now I have a great little army of mini beast predators in the garden my favourite being the ladybirds, and if you visit my stall at a market you will always see my flowers on display with buzzy bumble bees and other pollinators hovering around my flowers evidence no bad chemicals are used.

Mother Nature has provided these beautiful flowers Which we enjoy for up to 10 days and I am making that choice of not using plastic, foam and chemical that will have such a devastating effect on our planet for up to a 1000 years.

Imagine now all the florist and supermarkets out their selling flowers just today all wrapped in plastic that basically gets ripped off as soon as they are delivered and put in the bin and the chemicals used that went into raising those flower now imagine the year ! Let not even talk about Valentine’s Day !


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