Meadow Wraps & Buckets

Starting from June till October, flowers can be purchased as wraps or buckets maybe a single variety or when in full production a mix of flowers, they will always be florist choice picks and a mix of foliage and flowers.  The flowers are not arranged but gathered straight from the field unconditioned apart from a good hydrate.

Meadow wraps flowers gathered unstripped and wrapped in paper, cost £20.  


Meadow buckets flowers gathered unstripped and placed in a bucket to keep for £45

You can fill you home with flowers or create a bunch for yourself and a loved one.  Both wraps and buckets are using the seasonal flowers and i will only pick those looking at their best meaning the mix in your wrap or bucket will be different each time of order and will also change as new flowers come into season, so you can really enjoy a year rolling out in your home if you have a monthly subscription.  Please contact me if you wish to purchase a wrap or bucket these are available Monday to Thursday dependent on my availability.  Fridays are my picking day for market and there is availability to come pick along with me if you fancy coming to the meadow this needs to be booked in advance and is by appointment only.

Helen is an absolute joy to meet! I love her flowers and will carry on getting these from her. Truly beautiful, and natural. The first thing a visitor to my house will see as the door opens.

Sarah L’Oreal Bennett