Cutting garden plants

Cut flower plants

I am a big believer in perennial plants for low maintenance gardening, smothering out the weeds and provide more flowers and a bigger plant as the years go by. If your perfectainvesting in your garden you will want to know what plants you have the following year.

Lots of people use my perennials plants for styling their gardens and grow along with me, as each and every month as i only show what is seasonal, allowing you to plan and design your garden in flower during the growing period.   These plants are the quintessential the English country garden look.  A lot of my plants are also for cutting gardens and soon your be making your own flower arrangments at home, or just sit back and relax and enjoy your garden in bloom all season long, year after year.

I am happy to offer a personal touch with appointments at the meadow or your garden so we can discuss your needs.  I can show you plants and then in the right season supply what you need that could help bring all your flower garden dreams into a reality.

You can also find me at Wyken market and a smaller selection at Goodies farm shop, where i bring my plants each week for you to see the changing season of the plants, they Gazaniaare all big health plants ready to get your garden blooming

“The most amazing plants from a delightful lady, mature, strong and floriferous plants with such friendly service.” Vicki Honeywood


“Beautiful perennials and excellent (free!) advice on successful growing. My garden is very grateful!” Kerry Donovan”

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How to remove your plant from its pot.

By now you would have hopefully purchased a beautiful plant from me and taken this to its new home in your garden. Dig a hole twice the size of the pot in your preferred location in your garden making the depth a little deeper to accommodate some organic matter like a bit of well rotted manure or mushroom compost as this will hold moisture for the root system.

When removing your plant from the pot do not pull the plant out of the pot by the thumbnail_Imagestalks as this could damage your plant and break it from the roots killing it.  instead place one hand under the pot and place one hand across the soil of the plant pot supporting the stalks of the plant between your fingers but do not pull on the stalk.

Next turn the whole plant upside down supporting the whole plant and pot in your hand

thumbnail_Image (2) and give the base and smack on the bottom to loosen the plant from the pot, still holding the plant lift off the pot and place in your pre dug hole. If your pot is being a bit stubborn i squish the side of the pot to wiggle the plastic from the soil and create the air pocket to loosen the plant, another smack on its base usually loosens the plant from its pot.

The root system will have developed inside the pot and may become tight within the pot if this has happened be sure to loosen the roots to start them off on their journey ready to spread out in your soil and thumbnail_Image (3)the organic matter you placed in the hole to get the plant off to a good start and to becoming established into a healthy stronger plant to get through winter so it can continue to develop a good root system and give you more foliage and flowers above ground the following year.

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