Here I would love to share with you a little of my meadow life and give you the opportunity to grow some of your own bulbs as grown by me, this way you too can enjoy your own fresh cut British flowers at home in style.

One of the things about being a gardener that frustrated me was having to spend most of my budget on one or two types of bulbs a year when my greedy eye craved the riots of colour and choice for spring after those long drab colds days of winter. So now I am a flower farmer I am able to get my hands on a selection of bulb treats and I would love to share these with you in a spring collection so you too can have your own spring festival in the garden.

Bulbs announced on social media when ready to share

“Gorgeous, quality flowers and bulbs. Don’t hesitate to buy 💕”  Sally Austin 

Spring bulb collection


Daffodil spring pack collection

Cheerfulness Flowers March to April 40cm height and is a delightful double flowering type that is also scented they make a great long lasting cut flower for your table.  These can be planted in containers for your patio or the boarder

Ice Follies Flowers March to April 40 cm and is a large cup type and is also lightly scented again a great long lasting cut flower and can also be planted in containers and in the boarder these bulbs will also naturalise

Pipe Major Flowers April 45cm this beautiful bright vibrant daffodil will chase away the winter blues with its vibrant yellow waxy petals centred with an intense orange a real show stopper for your vase at home and also does great in boarders and will naturalise.

Pheasant Eye Flowers May 35cm this is a true heritage daffodil that will pop its head up when all others have gone the stunning pure white petals are crowned with a cup of eye catching orange and red. Makes a wonderful cut flower. These bulbs will also naturalise in your garden

Sir Winston Churchill Flowers March – April 40cm double flowering type with 2 – 4 flowers per stem. Delicate cream white petals with ruffled yellow petals in the centre.  Another stunner for your vase and also does well in containers and boarders

Tulip spring pack collection

Olympic Flame Flowers April- May 55cm stunning yellow tulip touched with red flamed markings.  This is a hybrid tulip making have the a larger flower on a taller stem as well as be long lasting.  This is a perennial tulip so will look great year after year.

Princess Irene Flowers April – May 35cm a very unique and beautiful tulip coloured in vibrant orange with flashes of purple.  These look great on containers on the patio but equally at home in the boarder.

Shirley Flowers April – May 50 cm This is an amazing colour changing tulip opening as cream yellow changing to ivory white with tinges of soft purple on the petals. The colours are subject to differences due to the temperature and weather.

Spring green Flowers May 50 cm a stunning classic tulip creamy coloured petals flashed with fresh green.  Works well in patio pots as well as the boarder.

Synaeda Amor Flowers April – May 55cm another beautiful colour changing tulip opening as a deep pink fading to a multi toned pink with a slight blue blush.

Narcissi Spring pack Collection

Tete a Tete Flowering March 18cm beautiful dainty cluster of golden yellow naturalising spring trumpets great in containers as well as boarders

Canaliculatus Flowering April 15cm and scented gorgeous white petals with a striking yellow trumpets.  This is a miniature polyanthus with 3 – 4 flowers on good strong stems with bluey green foliage.

Hawera Flowering April 25cm Absolutely fabulous narcissus each strong long stem holds a multitude of flowers all a delicate shade of yellow.

Minnow Flowers April 15cm Pretty little clusters of white petaled narcissus adorned with a flat yellow cap to make sure it stands out and catches the eye.

February Gold Flowers March – April 30 cm a lofty tall narcissus upon strong stems sits the crowning beauty of golden slightly frilled edge petals and a beautiful golden trumpet.  Very good at naturalising in boarders.